A stitch in time save nine.write a story based on this moral

A stitch in time saves nine examples

It was then that Chintu realised that his family was in grave danger. It was true he had just bought a lamb, he explained, but his lamb was black. He hurried to the garden. He had to see that they were firm and securely tied with wire. The merchant could not speed up his horse and save his money. I can get it done in a jiffy. Both the Chirpy and the Chintu lived happily as friends. If you don't, we'll have to replace all the tins with new ones to say nothing of losing a lot of good latex and the good money that goes with it as well.

The duration included the time required to cross the two red lights and a few turns on the road-map to school. After some time, the horse began to stagger. His ways of dealing with traffic rules had not changed at all, and in fact he had become more careless with them.

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He flew from tree to tree looking for twigs and tiny sticks to repair his nest. The night was fast coming. Moral Srory : Part-1 Story 1 Once there was a farmer in a village. After telling several of his friends about the theft, Dimitri found out that his neighbor, Aleko had suddenly acquired of a new lamb.

When she probed later in the evening she found out that it was none other than Sid.

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