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He looked like a ghost and jumped from his bed as he saw me. We passed by the emergency wards. At the reception there was a big crowd of people. I sat near him and looked around.

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On my left was the enquiry room. Then I entered the hospital right side was the enquiry office and left side was the information office. My college principal is an influential lady. The procedure took a half an hour. You sympathize with them. There are only three Govt. My aunt spoke to the doctor who said that my uncle was recovering fast and that there was nothing to worry. Last week I happened to visit the local hospital. Inter-science and Arts students visited the hospital in the morning hours. As soon as we entered the hospital we were directed by the security guards towards the reception that was centrally air conditioned. My visit was different. There was quite a lot of hustle and bustle at the reception area.

Yet, the staff of the hospital. The patients could not get all these from the dispensary. When my friend fell asleep, I got up and took a round in the hospital. There was a casualty department where patients who had small health complaints consulted the doctors.

There was an O. The doctors were paying visits to the patients. There he was operated upon.

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There was also a laboratory for checking the blood samples of the patients. Other is an eye-surgeon. There was a small medical store adjacent to it.

A visit to a hospital essay for 9th class

Essay No. Foul smell came out of the toilet that was at the corner of the corridor. I could not stand there any ' longer. We can have medical societies in different parts of the country for the uplift and betterment of public and government hospitals. The road was crowded and vehicles were running fast. His way of talking itself was very consoling. Some of the women were holding babies on their shoulders. When I came out of the hospital, I realized that there is a whole lot of difference in the atmosphere that prevails inside and outside the hospital. I wished him a fast recovery and left for my house for coming again next day.

A young man was brought on a stretcher.

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Describe A Visit to A Hospital Essay in English