An analysis of major themes in star trek an american television series

In the end, Spock risks his life to save Such exhibition practices, asserts Hilmes, militated against artistry and originality: "With a system that attracted a national audience and a market so neatly divided between the nets, few openings existed for creative, innovative productions that challenged the bland, formulaic network patterns.

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Uhura, whose name means "freedom" Compendium 28 was a Black-African princess from East Africa who was fluent in Swahili, not an American Black woman, and this added a certain mystique to her character.

From this perspective, we conclude that, although the idea for Star Trek indubitably originated in the mind of Gene Roddenberry, it required Herb Solow, or someone like him, to bring that idea to the television screen.

Yet from its inception, Star Trek also atypically diverged in several ways from these practices and in doing so looked forward to the multichannel era.

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Here, the Hillpeople come to represent the South Vietnamese as the U. Just as Sulu was never intended to be a "token-Asian" for the benefit of certain viewers in the audience, Uhura intended to be a "token Black", and both Ms.

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They steal one of the devices and escape safely back to Federation space. In Defense of the Network: Supporting NBC Continuing to act as industry insider long after his association with the network ceased, Solow has mounted a vigorous public defense of NBC, central to which is criticism of Gene Roddenberry, the man often regarded and even revered as Star Trek's prime mover by the fans. They didn't, and ratings continued to be disappointing. Gerrold, David. Reading example essays works the same way! Yorktown in the 23rd century [10] [11] bearing a crew dedicated to exploring the Milky Way galaxy. Lokai is the first to come aboard the Enterprise- he arrives in a stolen shuttlecraft asking for asylum. It is difficult to imagine anyone else at the helm of the USS Enterprise that could perform the duties of helmsman as well as Sulu.

McCoy, and Lt. Following the standard practice with underperforming shows, NBC scheduled Star Trek after the more successful Tarzan, gambling that viewers would stay with the network.

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Wanting to stay tuned in no matter what was on offer, viewers chose the program that "can be endured with the least amount of pain and suffering. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information.

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Uhura, whose name means "freedom" Compendium 28 was a Black-African princess from East Africa who was fluent in Swahili, not an American Black woman, and this added a certain mystique to her character. The Klingons are ruthless, planet-conquerers who use violent means to colonize "third- worlds". Lastly, one episode of Star Trek is a clear statement on racism and its inherent disutility. It was that he and his colleagues on the original Star Trek consciously sat down and said, "We're going to do a television show about the vastness of the cosmos and all the strange things that one finds there. Odona ends up receiving the viewer's approval. If the producers were to choose to reformat the entire show for the ratio, live-action footage would be cropped, significantly reducing the height of the original image. We're on now the fifth iteration of a television series. When originally composed and as heard in "The Cage" , Courage had Norman's vocalizations and the various instruments mixed equally to produce what Courage described as a unique "'what is that that I'm hearing? They seem to live by the maxim that "rules are made to be broken by shrewdness, deceit, or power" qtd in Tyrell Roddenberry was quoted as responding, "Hey, I have to get some money somewhere. As far as other female roles on Star Trek, Karen Blair has proposes in her article "Sex and Star Trek" that female roles in the series have sought to "affirm traditional male fantasies in a most direct and unenlightened way" Racism and Improving Race Relations One area where Star Trek made considerable progress and incorporation into its substance was its regard towards minorities. His pointed ears, green blood, and devotion to pure logic set him apart from the rest of the crew. Uhura, played by Nichelle Nichols, is the highest ranking female officer to serve aboard the USS Enterprise during the three years that the series ran on network telvision. But, despite Roddenberry's and Solow's best efforts to present Star Trek as a typical classic-network-era show, they had not convinced Tinker and Stanley that "it would make a commercial television series, that there was enough of an audience out there to support the mixture of science fiction and fantasy.
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