An analysis of the free throw shot in basketball sport

McNeill, eds.

critical instant of shooting a basketball

It is to help you adjust to the uniqueness of the free throw situation and make it the same shot every time. Experimental Psych.

A line OY was drawn parallel to OY. State and others I have talked say that taller players tend to shoot the free throw worse than shorter players do.

free throw mechanics

Sports Sciences. To simulate millions of trajectories without the code taking too long to run, we tried any trick we could think of.

In general the goals of analysis of motor skills are 1 improvement of teaching; 2 improvement of training; 3 improvement of equipment and facilities and 4 preventing injury. Basic Enjin. Using appropriate procedure the photographs were converted into elgons and thereafter the selected kinematic variables Centre of Gravity, Angle at the knee at the time of shooting, Angle at the elbow at the time of shooting, Angle at the wrist at the time of shooting, Angle at the ankle at the time of shooting were quantified.

An analysis of the free throw shot in basketball sport

The age of the subjects were ranged between 18 to 22 years. Variations have been noticed mainly in the wrist and elbow joints of the subjects. One of the first things we learned from our simulations and by watching TV footage was that players with the same consistency can shoot free throws with anywhere from 75 to 90 percent accuracy.

There were two points of interest. Distance of its Centre of Gravity from the line was multiplied by weight of each segment to find the moment about OY. The triangulation confirmed the individual movement organizations. The thing that is common amongst those personal expressions is that they do it every time. Recommended Training Materials:. On the other hand, since the camera used for filming was electronically driven, its capability of recording required number of frames were considered accurate and therefore were not called for calibration. Adding fifteen points from the free throw line to your team's total would create a very difficult obstacle for you opponents to overcome. What is a Good Foul Shooter? Vol , PP Messenger Some 20 years ago, my colleague Dr. Next, assuming the player releases the ball at 7 feet above the ground, a launch angle of about 52 degrees is best. I am not going to tell you where to stand. This 'complex feature' was displayed by a trajectory combining several neurons of the network, reflecting the devolution of the twelve angle measures over the time course of each shooting action. Free throw shooting is a very personal process and everyone has his own style. However, real improvement as a free throw shooter can only come when a player commits to take the time outside of practice and outside of the season to get his repetitions and work on the mentality of shooting.
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Hacking the free throw: the science behind the most practiced shot in sports