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Arabian Journal of Chemistry, Available online 28 December Ceramics International 41 9 — Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology 7 3 Popiolek L, Biernasiuk A Synthesis and investigation of antimicrobial activities of nitrofurazone analogues containing hydrazide-hydrazone moiety.

Bio Resources 11 3 Chen W, Vermaak I, Viljoen A, Camphor--a fumigant during the black death and a coveted fragrant wood in ancient egypt and babylon--a review.

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The plenary sessions will discuss the viability of digital publishing as a lucrative and exciting business opportunity for existing and prospective publishers alike. Fu H, Quan X Complexes of fulvic acid on the surface of hematite, goethite, and akaganeite: Ftir observation.

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It provides the adopted schools and the pupils with educational materials, equipment and construction or of school premises. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 7 7

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You think about starting a step recovery group for AOL junkies. A lively discussion about English usage in Philippine literature and journalism ensued during the program. Aloysius Ma. Chinese Wood 2 Arabian Journal of Chemistry 11 6 Lou L. Science and Technology of China 17 The portfolio must include translations either in Filipino or in English. Singh A, Kewat ML, Sondhia S Studies on the effect of day time application of herbicide mesosulfuronmethyl on soil microbial communities of wheat rhizosphere. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 69 7 The awards were given in ceremonies with Supreme Chief Justice Renato Corona as guest of honor and keynote speaker. The composition of known human health functions was studied by reviewing the literature. Catalysis Today 15 Td-gc-ms analysis on thermal release behavior of poplar composite biomaterial under high temperature. Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes 1 1 :
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