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Get a Little Personal Don't be afraid to include some personal or unique information about yourself in your bio. There are many ways a small business owner can use a biography. Identify your company or employer Identifying your current employer can help your audience get an idea of your experience, industry and whether or not you are currently available for work. Personal, Top-Quality, Affordable Service. In many cases, professional bios for a company website, for example are written in third person, while personal bios for an online profile, for example are written in first person. Again, thanks so much on a great job This may seem like bragging to you, but potential clients want to know what makes you stand out from competing professionals. And make sure you're using the most recent version whenever you pull a copy to use in your business. An interesting biography that accomplishes all of these things can help you develop trust in you and your brand, making it a powerful tool for your business. By Alyssa Gregory Updated February 22, Most professionals, small business owners included, can benefit from having a well-written and professional biography.

It is amazing and quite impressive to me how you so easily interpret a couple of sentences in a profile and turn it into a professional document that articulates and describes my roles and responsibilities to a tee!

Using a conversational voice throughout will also make it easier for your readers to follow along.

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Just wanted a minute to say what I really feel. Figure out what characteristics appeal to you most about their bios, such as the use of short paragraphs or a friendly tone. You might consider including the answer in your bio to help the audience understand what motivates you. Consider including a headshot of yourself, quotes or testimonials from clients , and links to examples of your work. Remember to follow any instruction provided by your employer or job application. Some ideas include: Incorporating it into your marketing materials Providing it to clients with proposals Submitting it with speaking, presenting and teaching applications Posting it on your website and blog Including it in any books, e-books, reports or professional documents you create While you may have several different versions of your bio that you use in the different outlets listed above, all versions start with one well-written, comprehensive summary of who you are, where you came from and what you do. Otherwise, consider whether you want your audience to have a more personal experience when reading your bio. Keep It Conversational One way to make your bio interesting is to write it with a conversational, rather than a formal, tone. Ask trusted friends and colleagues to review your bio for tips on improving your spelling, grammar or included information.

Figure out what characteristics appeal to you most about their bios, such as the use of short paragraphs or a friendly tone. Now I know why your organization is the first hit on the internet when searching for a resume writer. Once you figure out the differences, use your bio to help your business stand out from competitors and to create your own unique brand.

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Bio Example For Inspiration The length of your bios may vary depending on the situation. Also, research the bios of competitors to find out how they make their companies sound unique.

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Consider including a headshot of yourself, quotes or testimonials from clientsand links to examples of your work.

It's accurate and very-well stated. I will definitely refer friends to your site and services.

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I think she emphasized all the best elements of my professional experience.

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How to Write a Bio That Sells You and Your Company