Contribution of carlos p garcia

During his administration the Philippines was one of the innovators of South East Asia. With the establishment of the Philippine Atomic Research Center, the production of isotopes for uses in agriculture, industry and medicine is not far off.

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We must keep the channels of easy and accessible credit open to our small farmers and traders through the ACCFA, the rural banks network, and the Development Bank of the Philippines.

Once again with the determination of a united people deriving inspiration from our heroic past and our dream of a glorious tomorrow and with divine guidance and help we shall emerge triumphant out of the present predicament. We cannot afford to indulge in defeatism or in negative or divisive thinking.

At the rate we are going, we hope to wipe out this remaining negligible deficit in our foreign trade during the next fiscal year and start chalking up favorable balance of payments thereafter.

Contribution of carlos p garcia

The other alternative we may choose is to refuse to raise the revenues necessary to support our program and in effect adopt a policy of stagnation. We must act to prevent, or at least to minimize, these corrupt practices. Carlos P. Supervision over private educational institutions in secondary and collegiate levels may be participated in by a Committee or Board elected by such private institutions. Educational opportunities have been extended to more children and adults than ever before. Corruption was also prevalent in the country since he had just inherited the Magsaysay administration. I desire to place squarely before this Congress the matter of reconciling our policies in the interest of the development not only of the Virginia tobacco but also of the native tobacco industry. On March 3, , he affirmed the need for complete economic freedom and added that the government no longer would tolerate the dominance of foreign interests especially American in the national economy. Among the changes should be a scheme for the automatic retention of the share of the local governments in the national taxes concomitant with the policy of giving them greater economy. There are also continuing increases in agricultural and industrial production, electric power output, transportation and, accordingly, employment and earnings. Easily its most encouraging aspect is a budgetary surplus in the general fund. The extraordinary number of exceptions contained in this act was in fact the principal cause of the heavy decrease in customs collections during the year under review.

We are modernizing the Government Telephone System on a national scale. All procurement negotiations for reparations should be conducted directly and only by the Philippine Reparations Mission.

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Carlos P. Garcia