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For the most part, both freed and enslaved African Americans responded to these challenges with varying degrees of objection. Can you prove to me that without slavery that the South could not have produced as much cotton?

Leading up untilmany African Americans spoke out in disapproval of slavery, maltreatment, and limited rights.

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Tell the story and then cite the example. It was difficult to get a balance between free and slave states and with all the new land coming in from the Mexican-American War, there will be a big controversy on which territory will be what. Use documents provided as well as your own outside knowledge of the period. Another slave, Gabriel Prosser, took a more extreme approach to gaining his freedom. The North was not actually trying to free the slaves in the South. Harlan Davidson. You pretty much just restated the question but it is by far the best I have read.

In the early nineteenth century, just as the institution of slavery seemed to be nearing an end, black slave labor became vital again to the southern economy. The English grew up believing that black was the symbol of evil and a sign of danger and repulsion.

The idea of importing labor from some distance for intensive work on export crops was an old one. However, by most of the Northern states were areas either without any slaves or less than 10 percent.

Courtesy of Harlan Davidson Publishers. Southern slave owners felt slavery was a good thing because they said that slaves were better off there than living in the poverty stricken, crowded north working at a factory.

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Colonies decided to bring more slaves to North America that they could work for them without being free from them. The changes in slave density between and directly relate to areas were slave labor was an economic necessity. One reaction to the Europeans taking control over Africa was conforming or submitting to the Europeans.

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Slavery DBQ Essay Example