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The female characters are especially strong. Tanchun has a nickname of "Rose," which describes her beauty and also her prickly personality. Pao-yu leaves home and meets his father when, many years later, he has died to the world and became a monk. Eventually Yingchun marries an official of the imperial court, her marriage being merely one of her father's desperate attempts to raise the declining fortunes of the Jia family. But Adam began to crack and fall to pieces, and so He took some water, and with the water He molded the clay, and this water which entered into Adam's being was called Eve, and only in having Eve in his being was Adam's life complete. Daiyu, along with Baochai, are said to be one of the two most accomplished poets and the greatest beauties among all the remarkable women in the Jia Household and in all of the city of Jin Ling. An extremely handsome woman, Xifeng is capable, clever, humorous, conversable and, at times, vicious and cruel. The Dream of the Red Chamber and the Japanese Tale of Genji are the two greatest works of prose fiction in all the history of literature. ISBN X. The romantic rivalry and friendship among the three characters against the backdrop of the family's declining fortunes form the main story in the novel. Sorry about this, translator s , because I think you did a nice job on this book and I'm still giving you two stars.

He 'eleganized' the beautiful, spontaneous street talk of vernacular. Where to start You can start by looking at some characters pages: Jia Baoyuthe main character of the novel Lin Daiyuthe main love interst of Baoyu and the main female character.

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His grandfather, Cao Yin, was an imperial bondservant, an important functionary in the south, who enjoyed high favour with the emperor Kangxi. Her fate is not known after her abduction by bandits. However, he is destined in this life, despite his love for Daiyu, to marry another cousin, Xue Baochai. Baochai's golden locket and Baoyu's jade contain inscriptions that appear to complement one another perfectly in the material world. Women reigned supreme in the Chinese house, and because they were wholly confined in its walls and often illiterate, they ruled to the hurt of all. Go home. She wields considerable power in the house as Xifeng's most trusted assistant, but uses her power sparingly and justly. Latest activity. Her illustrious position as a favorite of the Emperor marks the height of the Jia family's powers. At the beginning of the novel, Lady Wang's cruelty is revealed when she publicly chastises and shames one of her maid servants for flirting with her son Baoyu, causing her to commit suicide. They all laugh at the author's folly; But who could know its magic appeal? Orphaned in infancy, she grows up under her wealthy paternal uncle and aunt who treats her unkindly. Eventually the Jia clan falls into disfavor with the Emperor , and their mansions are raided and confiscated.

To compound this problem, parts of the latter chapters of the book were lost, so only 80 chapters are definitively written by the author. He has a wife, Lady Wang, and one concubine: Zhao. It abounds in humour and pathos, and is invaluable for anyone who would study the social life of the Chinese.

It's like somebody decided to Shakespearize Dickens. One of the most remarkable multi-faceted personalities in the novel, Xifeng can be kind-hearted toward the poor and helpless; her charitable contributions to the family of Granny Liu remain gratefully acknowledged, and she seems to feel genuine affection for Baoyu and his sisters.

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The Stone, along with a companion in Cheng-Gao versions they are merged into the same characteris then given a chance to learn from the human existence, and enters the mortal realm. The plot is perfect, the style is finished. She is kindly and affable for the most part, but plays an important part in the novel by marrying her daughter Baochai to Baoyu.

She soon dies while giving birth. Hard going at first because of the myriad characters there are 40 main ones and their to a non-Chinese eye difficult names. He is jealous of his younger brother whom his mother favors.

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Why is China’s greatest novel virtually unknown in the west?