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The Rich Man- the neighbor of the narrator when they moved to town. Things end poorly for everyone, including the "good guys.

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If the play had been placed in a bank vault in the twentieth century by a master-forger, would you still enjoy the writing? External conflict causes internal conflict in the mind of the tragic hero.

He is rich and was able to live a luxurious life. It is a story about one, or sometimes two, characters. The Tragic Hero A tragic hero is one of the most significant elements of a Shakespearean tragedy. Since it was mentioned in the story that he owned a farm, I might refer to him as the farmer or farm owner, to avoid confusion. I am assuming that they were laughing at how stupid the whole case was, and how the father resolved it with an equally absurd yet wise way of solving the whole problem. At the same time we feel both sorry for Hamlet and happy that Claudius has received his proper punishment. I feel differently about Shakespeare, and it is a good different. In the meantime, read this book. Comic Relief. Learning of their "logical" reasons, he then proceeded to give them an equal payment for what they stole. The ending must include the main character's downfall.

Supernatural Elements Supernatural elements are another key aspect of a Shakespearean tragedy. When Hamlet takes revenge for the death of his father, he is not only killing his uncle but inviting his own death at the hands of Laertes.

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Internal Conflict Internal conflict is one of the most essential elements in a Shakespearean tragedy. Most of them deal with the supremacy of evil and suppression of good. Posted by.

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Again, Hamlet is a perfect example. I think that the reason why he was able to file a complaint that stupid was because he was underestimating the farmer's wits and knowledge. It refers to the cleansing of the audience's pent-up emotions. External conflict causes internal conflict in the mind of the tragic hero. Every time, he delays taking action. He is usually a doer, but over the course of the play, his indecision and frequent philosophical hangups create a barrier to action. What Is a Tragedy? The judge then went down to talk with the farmer, and the judge, the farmer, his family, and the spectators laughed hard. Climax The problem starts when the rich man filed a complaint against the family of the narrator for stealing the spirit of his wealth and food. This is a book that makes you question your own ways of creating, as well as your own place in the whole pantheon of writers.
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What is the plot of the story my father's tragedy?