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Tellingly, even in the rare cases when the government enacts politically risky measures to strengthen the energy sector and overall economy, it often reverses course.

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Tax reform is another imperative—and should be designed to provide Islamabad with more revenue not just to address the energy crisis but also to assist poor Pakistanis harmed by the phase-out of subsidies. However, a variety of factors international sanctions—based with the former, and security-oriented with the latter suggest that these projects are far from being consummated. The government should have developed electricity through alternative resources of energy like nuclear energy, natural gas exploration, natural gas import, solar energy, coal and wind energy. This should include new pricing measures that remove not all, but many, energy subsidies. This can be done initially by importing clean coal, which is often cheaper than imported oil and gas. In the context of energy, the document proposes some of the most far-reaching and comprehensive policy measures ever introduced in Pakistan—from full-scale sectoral deregulation to governance reform and the phasing out of many subsidies. Even if the next government follows through, another loan would simply be another short-term fix. Good Governance in Pakistan 6. Necessary reforms can then follow. This is because subsidies provide temporary relief to an impoverished mass population that often harbors antigovernment sentiment. In FY , ratio augmented by 2.

There is the very real fear that Pakistan could soon find itself unable to afford to address its energy crisis—meaning that even stopgap, short-term measures to expand power generation could be eliminated.

Others have done their cooking only when gas stations are closed—the only time they receive any pressure.

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Protestors, angered by unscheduled outages, have often resorted to violence. Above all, Pakistan must bring some urgently needed order and efficiency to its chaotic and dysfunctional energy sector.

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A more realistic demand-management strategy, announced last year by the Asian Development Bank, calls for the distribution of twenty million low-energy light bulbs. As a result, the energy sector is deprived of desperately needed revenue to pay for generation, transmission, and distribution, as well as operating and administrative costs.

Today, many Pakistanis are getting by through their own resourcefulness, as they do on so many occasions when their government fails to provide basic services. Poverty c.

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Pakistan's Energy Crisis