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The essay shows a weak understanding of the task. The thesis is clear. It might not be necessary for you, so you can ignore the news.

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Sentence structure and word choice are usually simple. Essays at this level will respond to all three perspectives offered. Ideas and analysis are clear. Generally, the more selective the school, the higher your score should be to be competitive. Instead, ACT writing scores are calculated on a scale of 2 to

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After all, strong writing skills are an essential part of college success. Focus on the general topic is usually maintained, but focus on the specific issue in the prompt may not be maintained. You are not penalized for incorrect answers, so you should try to answer every question. So far, not many students have taken this step, but it is an option. Each domain will receive a total score of 12, and all of these domain scores are then averaged to your total ACT writing score, out of A student gets one prompt and thus one shot on the essay. Unlike the rest of the test, ACT Writing is not scored on a 36 point scale. While the ACT composite score is usually the most important score, some schools prioritize higher scores in certain subject sections. This fact can further impact the variability. The argument puts the issue in context thoughtfully, examining implications, complexities, tensions, values, and assumptions. Researching your dream school, setting goals based on their acceptable score range, and then practicing and studying are the best ways to ensure success on the ACT. Language Use. The ACT tests skills you already have, but asks questions in a trickier way than you may be used to.
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What's a Good ACT Writing Score?