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Apart from houses, public buildings and government officers are also lit up.

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This is how we continue to celebrate this day even today. The atmosphere of festivity begins days before Diwali. The effigies of Ravana are burnt across India on Dussehra each year. Tomorrowland debuted in Boom, Belgium, August 14th, From that day I made myself a promise that I would not ever come that close to letting my family down again, especially when the day is that meaningful.

Schools and various organizations also organizes various demonstrations prior to the celebration to educate and aware students for pollution-free festival.

Sita was abducted by the demon, Ravana. Ultimately, come to find out, India is one of the most interesting and unique countries to investigate and understand.

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During Diwali, people light lamps and pray for good health, peace and wisdom. The legends differ based on what part of the world Diwali is being celebrated in Festival. Many legends are associated with this festival. It becomes the symbol of unity. Together with the human beings, it also affects the lives of animals, birds and other living beings due to air and noise pollution. Task 3 - Speaking and Listening Practice Ask another student or a friend these questions. No matter what the reason, Diwali is celebrated with immense enthusiasm across India as well as some other countries. People also celebrate it for the return of the Pandavas who came back 12 years after. People enjoy the festivals with family and friends. They purchase new dresses, decorative things like diyas, lamps, candles, puja materials, statue of God and Goddess and eating things especially for Diwali. The Harvest Festival In some parts of the country, Diwali is considered to be a harvest festival.

It is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by the Hindu families year after year. It is time to spread joy, love and laughter and not pollution.

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