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This is farcical and arguably trivialises the very real struggles that transgender individuals face.

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I personally believe that the reason many things are referred to as 'politically correct' is that they are, in fact, morally correct. For example, a blind or deaf person should be referred to as "persons with disability".

Offensive and demoralizing efforts are wrong, but the censorship and deletion of words and phrases that do not contain the intention to demoralize are taking political correctness too far.

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I chose Independent. Very afraid.

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For example, black people are called African-Americans It treats white people as if they are all part of the problem, the concept of White privilege comes to mind and also Male Privilege these two concepts assume that all men and all white will have benefits that comes due Political Correctness and Language Essay examples - We live in a world today where our everyday lives are dictated by political correctness. They obtain their power by either election or revolution Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense Muslim thinkers who deal with political debates cannot disregard the significance of the democratic system, as it is the prevailing theme of modern western political thought. First, I will examine the origins of political correctness to try to get a clear understanding of what this movement is. Whatever news station one chooses there might be some biases with how news stories are reported. Factions divide a government based on different beliefs of key issue in policies, such as spending and warfare. If this isn't done, one risks the chance of corrective action by their employers, termination or possibly a lawsuit for discrimination At best, the notion of political correctness having gone too far is intellectually dishonest; a fallacy similar to a straw-man argument or an ad hominem attack.

First I will discuss his background which will include his early life up to his start in politics. Many experts, including Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick, see this through the lens of public health, in which strategies for prevention are needed, not just enforcement.

I regard Mosca as a classic exponent of democratic elitism, according to which elitism and democracy are not opposed to each other but are rather mutually interdependent It can not only be a useful thing, but it can also be a very effective way of deciding how to react to someone.

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However, despite this glory, there is a side to the so-called political correctness that needs to be addressed and I think has not been given adequate attention. Political correctness Political correctness is something which has to do with equal opportunity, with tolerance, sensitivity, open-mindedness, courtesy and decency. This was perhaps due to the numerous amounts of opinions on whether or not political correctness was right. The long running University of Southern California spirit activity consisted of throwing a large stuffed bear in a bon fire the night before the football game against their rival, the University of California at Los Angeles. At the beginning, Absolutism appeared as a solution to the violent disorders and crises Europe was facing during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. There's no physical separation between one human and the next. Me and my fellow group members are on the opposition team and strongly believe that Political Correctness has NOT gone too far and that in fact it is much needed in today 's society. Although Jerusalem is often played at national sporting events for example major cricket tournaments and rugby matches as a symbol of national pride, the lyrics do not in fact totally focus on pride in England or the greatness of our country. It is also through the extra speedy and widespread diffusion of technology At worst, it serves as a rallying cry to cover up the excesses of the most illiberal in our society. The question of political obligation has always been the center of discussion. Some cause more problems than others, but overall these are the three biggest causes.

There are several guiding principles that writers can use to determine which terminology will be acceptable to most people who have or deal with people with disabilities Fallotz,

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