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There are many hospitals with all necessary medical equipments and facilities. Print Mike Rose devotes his essay to education in America, narrating the story about him having been studying in Los Angeles, California, the place where he was raised.

city life essay for class 5

A city has big trade centres from where people can get all things of their need and comfort. Life is never dull; there is always something to do. Poughkeepsie is a small town that you find outside of a big city, it was a small family owned shops that consisted of knick knacks and second-hand stores Then, there is better communication in the cities.

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But those raised in cities love the hectic pace of life. There is more opportunity to succeed in life. Frost constantly illustrates the difficulties man face, and how they struggle to develop individual identities in the world that they live in.

advantages and disadvantages of city life and village life

A 12,pound killer whale can kill his pound master if he wants with little difficulty, regardless of being placed in a restrictive tank in a city. A big city caters to the academic, social, economic and various other needs of a modern man.

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