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What factors influence the decision to choose a university

Your interest in a certain subject High school grades can be a factor that influence the most Talent, skill and ability based. The intent of the career explanation was to have students with low expectations talk with counselors about option for advancing their careers in the future. Students can help themselves in to decide with from reality, communication, and learning to operate autonomously are fundamental building blocks used in effective career planning. Research Design The research design used the statistical information to see if dependent variables relating to Parental Influence, Peer Influence, environment, personality, aptitude, and personality were significant factors influencing grade 10 students in choosing their track for senior high school. Next is their aptitude and then the influence of their parents. My career has a great contribution in the society. For example, sales people have to be out- going. The p-value garnered from the data is 0. Environment; 2. In this case, the study will conclude what could be the things that the students should consider in choosing a course. Above all, to our almighty Father, the source of everything, for giving us guidance and strength to hurdle all the obstacles in making this research successful. The study attempted to identify and differentiate to what extent these factors played varying roles in future career choice. Analyze data. Advice of others is one of the factors that the students might choose whether they will base their decision from the advice of other which includes the guidance counsellor, parents and some seek advice from the students.

For instance, Mickelson and Velasco cited their interviews conducted with 70 young adults in The researchers went to every classrooms of the grade 10 students of the University of the Immaculate Conception to conduct their survey with respondents.

For example, some courses are available only once every two years. The research was conducted at the University of the Immaculate Conception and its respondents were selected Grade 10 students, ranging from per section.

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A lot of student in secondary schools believe that their future is a glorious adventures in which they are bound to succeed. In this area, socio-economic factor will gross place. Gender Mean Std. Smart Ed. The results of what you have chosen can either help you, it will hinder you in the future. Bers, T. At higher levels of student income and aptitude, these effects 13 Become less important Paulsen, , p.

To our panel members, for their constructive comments to improve this study. Chapter 2 Review of Literature This chapter presents the literature relevant to the concept of the present study. The statement with the highest mean is statement number two and three with the same mean score, It states that in an Aptitude would be my parents chose my track and my parents want me to take up a certain course has a mean score of 3.

factors affecting career choice among students

Helping student chooses the career that suits them can be done by integrating career plan with the curriculum so that students can make good decisions in what course to take in college. My parents want me to take up a certain course.

The career i want can improve our economy. Related Papers.

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Factors Affecting the Choice of Courses in College