Flight by john steinbeck

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Mama was out of bed now, her long black skirt over her nightgown. He lifted the big rifle and swung the lever to throw a shell into the chamber, and then he let down the hammer to half cock. Instantly he threw back his head and whined like a dog. Now he must prove to himself that he is worthy of his manhood. Mama brought a little leather bag and counted the cartridges into his hand. The roosters crowed the first call. She does not pray. He will never come back. He lost his knife, then his horse was killed. Related Posts:. At first he tried to run, but immediately he fell and rolled.

The Sitting Bee, 12 May. Once it was dark he fell over the rocks and slipped to his knees on the steep slope, but he moved on and on up the hill, climbing and scrambling over the broken hillside.

Flight by john steinbeck

Note, here, how Mama Torres teaches the children her code of values. The surf subsided to a whispering surge against the reef. They went out to sit on the cliff above the ocean. The wound bled evenly and gently. When he was far up toward the top, he lay down and slept for a little while. A big spotted wildcat was creeping toward the spring, belly to the ground, moving like thought. The horse plodded up and up the trail toward the little v in the ridge which was the pass. The horse found the entrance to the trail where it left the flat, and started up, stumbling and slipping on the rocks. Once, on a white barren spur, he saw a black figure for a moment; but he looked quickly away, for it was one of the dark watchers. His eyes have retreated back into his head and his tongue has begun to protrude between his lips. He lifted his head to listen, for a familiar sound had come to him from the valley he had climbed out of; it was the crying yelp of hounds, excited and feverish, on a trail. He bent forward so that his throbbing arm hung away from his body. A little steamer, drawing a line of smoke, sat on the edge of the horizon. A person needs to be at their best to travel through the mountains. But they do not, and this fact is important, for although the Torres' house is described as a shack and the barn is "rattling" and "rotten," and although the buildings are "bitten" with sea salt and "beaten" by the winds that lash the stony hills, the Torres family and their farm survive because of their determination and their defiance.

He looked slowly around. I think I'll probably start with Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck pauses here, emphasizing the disappearance of the stream, then the trees, and, finally, even the sage is gone. When his breath came easier he moved along behind the big rock until he came to a narrow split that offered a thin section of vision down the hill.

His account of the knife fight is brief; his mother hears, understands, and prepares him for his flight. His white teeth glistened.

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The moon dropped toward the sea. Then there came warmth into the light. He stood up and moved up the hill.

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Flight by John Steinbeck