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The present governance system requires Green Room Productions LLC to study the changing government policies closely Presence in multiple markets increases the risk of political instability. Green Room Productions LLC can focus on differentiating its product and increasing its demand with the end consumers through different marketing tactics, this will increase the demand of the product with different buyers, and will work towards moderating buyer power.

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The other option, to relocate the company to a location where they could find qualified human resources would guarantee moving their families and still have the uncertainty of success. Differentiation Platers try to differentiate products on different aspects.

It is not very likely for players in the industry to integrate forward into on-trade or retail businesses.

Low economic and psychological switching costs. Focus on capturing new markets — in the same region as well as new regions to avoid saturation of resources in one market only.

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Industry changes New technological changes and upgrades may make an industry obsolete. Profitability New entrants are attracted to the industry because of high profitability.

Collaborators include the downstream and upstream value chain partners, business allies, community leaders, government and others. However, in an industry with a high number of suppliers, Green Room Productions LLC can switch to different suppliers at any time without experiencing any costs of the business.

Environmental stability and business standards Green Room Productions LLC may be expected to incorporate maintainability standards into their business methodologies and to help resource allocation choices. This results in the players experiencing high bargaining power of the buyers from the market. It is important for Green Room Productions LLC to understand the behaviors, relationships, choices, purpose and context of collaborators to make the right decision. Build a strong and loyal consumer base by focusing on quality and marketing strategies. Funds will also be required for fuelling physical growth of the company in the form of investment in equipment and property to facilitate growth. Focus on maintaining strong consumer relationships. International journal of production economics, 2 , The business partners had reached a crucial point in their startup business. Focus on capturing new markets — in the same region as well as new regions to avoid saturation of resources in one market only. Green Room Productions LLC faces a moderate threat of new entrants for the following reasons: High brand development cost weakens the threat. Technology's impact on the marketing function. Financial Position Looking for investment and funds for growth. Pentagonal analysis 3.

Strategic decision making Expansionary plans and investment decisions.

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Green Room Productions LLC Case Solution