Guy kawasaki 10 page business plan

There are only really two necessary skills: somebody has to make it, and somebody has to sell it. This means you have to pitch all the time. You may think you know exactly what people should do with your product or service only to find out you were wrong, that unintended customers use your product in unintended ways.

Get to 1, Feet and Stay There People are going to make an instant decision about your pitch. When I look back at the first book I wrote, it embarrasses me.

Set the Stage Build a strong foundation for your presentation by asking three simple questions, Kawasaki says: How long do I have? Let One Person Do the Talking You know that standard nugget of advice that investors are really investing in your team?

business pitch powerpoint example

When you parade your CEO, CTO, and CMO in front of investors in an attempt to show off how dedicated, hardworking, and brilliant you all are, you really just end up with an unstable, jagged presentation. They have to run fundraisers, pledge drives every once in a while.

business pitch powerpoint template

And is it validating? What is it? And that clock expires in 24 hours. Is it a Mercedes?

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How to create a pitch deck for investors