How to write a book critique paper

The text should be double-spaced, printed on one side of the sheet of paper. The transitional thesis is the last sentence of your introduction, and it can be positive-positive or positive-negative. Is the argument logical and substantive?

how to critique a nonfiction book

Preparing for your critique Read the work and take substantial notes This factor cannot be emphasized enough as excellent note taking and concentrated reading promotes proper comprehension as well as the ability to make key observations and acknowledgments. Think about these points. What are its aspects the society should be aware of?

How good and natural are the dialogues? Formulate your thesis. That is not what a good critique of a novel should be like.

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Critical analysis When formulating any critical analysis of writing, the obvious focal point will be on evaluating how well the author worked in achieving his purpose.

Here you are demonstrating your understanding of why the author wrote this book and your own opinion on how skillful he or she is. For example, you read a research paper in which the author tries to prove a new linguistic theory.

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Discuss it and mention how it may relate to the readers.

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