How to write a policy recommendation report ideas

While there are many different factors involved in the art of influence, when it comes to writing the recommendations themselves, I suggest focusing on IMPACTS.

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Whether the policy recommendation is accepted as sound advice or dismissed in favour of another option largely depends on how well the issue and the arguments justifying the recommended course of action are presented. Politicians, spads and civil servants rarely have the luxury of time to work on issues outside a particular set of government priorities.

Governments could do a lot of great things if only they had enough money.

How to write a policy recommendation report ideas

Be aware of how policies are made: remember that government policy actors are interested in making decisions that are practical, cost-effective and socially acceptable. A policy suggestion is unlikely to be effective if the only way to motivate new action is to pay someone to do it. Make sure your research supports your recommendations. Understanding who your audience is and what their job entails is crucial. Formats vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but have a number of common features. Here are some simple things to consider to ensure that your recommendations are practical and actionable. Frame the Issue and Understand the Problem Thoroughly research the issue and narrow down the focus so that it's more manageable.

Vagueness is the enemy of action. Choose a Topic Select an issue or policy area of interest.

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If the priority is social mobility, the aspects of the same idea that reduce inequality might be emphasised instead. These solutions should consist of specific actions that could be taken by a legislative or executive body, rather than vague social changes that are beyond the scope of government policy makers.

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What is the overall benefit to both the policy maker and society in general? Think tanks seeking to influence policy would do well to show how they are helping to address them. How to write policy recommendations that influence government 22 Aug , Reading Time: 6 minutes There are over think tanks in the UK. Set the scene: Identify the shortfalls of the current policy. However, in the case of policy recommendations, some characteristics are especially important. How will this change come about? In our federal and provincial governments, policy recommendations are brought forward by a minister or department for approval by Cabinet. Please take a moment to check out my book! Words such as use, engage, incorporate etc. Try using language that is active rather than passive. Politicians, spads and civil servants rarely have the luxury of time to work on issues outside a particular set of government priorities. Politics is the only industry where updating ideas in light of new evidence is considered a negative see all government U turns, ever.

Policy analysts in government, interest groups and policy research firms prepare policy reports.

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How to Write a Policy Report