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What they should do instead is learn about what they want in a computer to figure out which is better for them. Some of my favorite parts of OSX are the tiny little user friendly elements. Also, many software packages are released for PCs long before they are released for Macs. Between each computer there are some common misconceptions. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. I was reluctant to ever get a computer, I just wanted to do things the old way and not set foot into this new world. Many companies develop software exclusively for PCs. Cost is the most important statistic to look for. If you put aside what you think you know about Pc, and Mac you will understand what computer is best for you. The statistics of Mac and Pc vary depending on the website or article one finds. As you read further you will see why MAC is such a unique entity in this well established industry Finally, for game lovers, PC is the best choice, since it has an array of games unlike the Mac.

The battle is less over design and style, although that has been a robust part of it for decades, and now more about the Operating System OS and philosophy. The most obvious is the use of blue in the interface. Meanwhile, Apple has strictly designed their operating system to fit perfectly in their own hardware.

Isn't that an amazing and wonderful concept. Related posts:. As we all know, Microsoft dominates the personal computer's operating system.

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An example of a common platform is Microsoft Windows which is running on the x86 architecture. Though the commercial series might seem convincing in favor of the Mac products, the commercial would obviously hide the flaws of the Macs Thus, the comparison of Macs and PCs reveals the fact that Macs are more reliable and cheaper in terms of maintenance than PCs.

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Meanwhile, Apple has strictly designed their operating system to fit perfectly in their own hardware. Cost is the most important statistic to look for. The long debate between Mac and Pc will go on between for many more years because no computer will ever be the same, and each computer will always hate its flaws. It depends largely on who the freshman is. In terms of software, Macs are more compatible with a variety of soft wares, unlike PCs which mainly support and are compatible with Windows friendly software. After all, the only person who knows you best is YOU! Personal Computers Essay words - 4 pages Mac Computers vs. If money and platform is no object, the MBP is probably the better choice given that it can be upgraded to an even more powerful beast.

Theses are the differences between Mac and PC one should consider to look for when buying either computer.

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Mac Vs. PC essay