Meyer michael. thinking and writing about literature. 2nd ed. boston bedford 2001

Since the s, for example, some critics have reassessed writings by women who had been left out of the standard literary traditions dominated by male writers.

Lanser eds. Byram, Katra A. Lauter, Paul, et al. The collection had in fact become a group of prior collections of many other editors, who had often selected generously from their own poetry as well. Postlcassical Narratology: Approaches and Analyses. This kind of understanding allows you to perceive more in a literary work in much the same way that a spectator at a tennis match sees more if he or she understands the rules and conventions of the game. Schwarz Bedford Books of St. Cameron, Alan, , The Greek Anthology. Jacobs, eds. Rabinowitz], College English 41, No.

A Collection of Plays Arp, Thomas R. Framing Anna Karenina.

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Instead of retreating to the way things have always been done, they bring freshness and creativity to their work. Palmer, Alan. Understanding Narrative.

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Confucius is reputed to have culled these famous poems from an earlier lost collection of 3, Unnatural Narrative: Theory, History, and Practice. Narrative Causalities. Phelan, James. In short order, the conversation turns to appetites. Wright kill her husband? An Introduction to Reading and Writing, 7th ed. Scriptures are, in the end, a foundational model for literary canons everywhere. Whatever anthology an instructor may choose to assign in a literary survey course, the titular inspiration for that particular collected form lies in the Greek Anthology. Sun arrives to direct a play with the worst class in school, her funny and frank students are more than a little skeptical. Brooke-Rose, Christine.

Conclusion: The Diachronic Canon as Book History In a recent guide on the connections between cognitive science and the humanities, Patrick Colm Hogan has extended the field of reference of literary cognition to include the fine arts as well Hogan, a. Narrative Structures and the Language of the Self.

Imaginative literature is a source more of pleasure than of information, and we read it for basically the same reasons we listen to music or view a dance: enjoyment, delight, and satisfaction. Schoenberg and Lawrence J. Put simply, people who read literature experience more life and have a keener sense of a common human identity than those who do not. Douglas Atkins and Laura P. The anthologies discussed here certainly qualify as art objects, since they are gathered with aesthetic purpose using some manipulable material as a medium in this case, other, briefer literary works. First, additional independent anthology traditions need to be examined in order to ascertain how widespread these statistical universals are, and also whether they may be typological e. Works Cited Abrams, M. Donahue, James J. The historical and conceptual parallels with the first Western anthologies are striking, especially given their areal and genetic separation. Damrosch, David, et al. The interpretation of literary texts requires you to deal with uncertainties, value judgments, and emotions; these are unavoidable aspects of life.

An Introduction to Poetry, 10th ed. Second, further attention should be paid to the precise ways in which anthologies grow and are subdivided, perhaps yielding further distinctive patterns in their historical development.

Reconstructing Film Studies, ed.

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