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You may also choose to include the names of the writer sperformer sand the producer sdepending on who your research project may focus on. Example: Nasar, Sylvia.

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If there aren't page, paragraph, section, or chapter numbers, only include the author's name in the in-text or parenthetical citation. Most online journal articles have two containers. If you are citing a specific page range from the book, include the page s at the end of the citation. Quoted text: Share in the text that the quote comes from another individual. Note: Give as complete a date as is provided. Use whichever date the magazine includes, whether it's a complete date, a period spanning two months, a season, or just a month and year. Both direct quotes and paraphrases require in-text or parenthetical citation to follow it. This person's name should be reversed, with a comma placed after the last name and a period after the first name and any middle name. Fletcher, Marissa. This can be in the form of a URL, page number, disc number, or physical place. Provide whatever date information is available.

If the post isn't text, and is a photo or image instead, include a description of the image instead of any text. Examples: Ferraro, Gary, and Susan Andreatta, editors.

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Since these articles usually come from periodicals, be sure to consult the appropriate sections of the Works Cited: Periodicals page, which you can access via its link at the bottom of this page.

Smith, Baker, and Klein share that Example: Cambridge UP Publication Dates: When including the date that the source was published, display the amount of information that is found on the source, whether it's the full date, the month and year, or just the year.

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How to Cite a Journal in MLA 7