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Justin Butler at Ambiental. Parallel Python at EuroSciPy covers 5 ways to move towards parallel python across a local and cloud based network including IPython-parallel and PiCloudincludes src and slides. Data Science for Transport Logistics We've worked with CityMapper to analyse their transport data to model live train movements to make commuting in London better.

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Processing 3 million tweets per day requires a carefully designed multi-computer pipeline, along with robust reporting of the state of the pipelines and the cluster.

Twitter event analysis and geo-location experiments Using tweet data at conferences PyConPyData Ian experimented with building topic maps using hashtags, usernames, noun phrases to understand what was being discussed at a conference.

Arik has managed complex licensing negotiations, has led capital raising offerings Private and Public and private equity issuances, as well as numerous share acquisition transactions. Algorithmix was bought by Corpora during Allen holds a B.

Twitter brand analysis for YouGov - Working with AdaptiveLab for YouGov we're tagging Twitter and Facebook posts using Named Entity Recognition to mark-up brand discussions with sentiment analysis for brand reach analysis.

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Tools used include text to speech, audio analysers and Python. Routing on Digital Elevation Maps Using a Digital Elevation Map , the customer required a set of optimal routes for an oil pipeline across a mountainous area. Physics simulations are coupled with optimisation algorithms to automatically fit proposed structure models to the actual results that are measured using X-Ray spectroscopy equipment. These constraints represented a trade-off between cost and safety. Sharon brings international experience in companies like Abbott Vascular and Kaiser Permanente, she holds a B. Example: The optimisation techniques were improved so that complex fitting problems were solved more quickly and more reliably. She acts as a member of the Board of Directors at Bonfix. Topics include machine vision and models of human interaction. We take on full or part-time positions to solve interesting problems. The system would quickly generate a route between any two points, and these routes could have been used during a cost-benefit analysis for routing over a large terrain. We also coach existing data science teams.

For the client I have worked to automate repetitive flux simulation and analysis tasks. This removes the need to add a QR code to the 10, plant labels at Kew Gardens.

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