Mushroom cultivation business plan ppt

Then, even you can earn about Rs per sq.

Mushroom cultivation business plan ppt

Sharing knowledge and experiences with other producers and, if a problem or constraint is consistent and widespread, collectively source external advice. Mushrooms have very short life after harvesting and hence they are sold in fresh form. The grower can belong to a cooperative or another farm organization, which offers easy market linkages to both local and distant markets, including export markets. We also intend to constantly train our employees so that they will remain updated on new innovations and technologies needed to make growing and selling mushrooms easier. It is important to start modestly and secure a buyer or small network of buyers to whom one can deliver a reliable supply. Thus, batches of trays must be arranged in such a way that there is a regular daily production. Listed below are the three options she is using to generate her start-up capital: Generate part of the capital from personal savings Seek for soft loan from family members and friends Apply to the bank for a loan N.

Currently unprocessed mushrooms are exported to Pakistan from where they are distributed in the work market with the Pakistan trademark. Establishing a good relationship with a buyer by delivering a reliable quality and quantity of product is fundamental. What amazing is it? We hope that you will be present.

button mushroom business plan pdf

However, little amount of light will not harm mushroom growth too much. What is the potential market? Mission Statement Our objective will be to provide the best quality Oyster mushrooms for the household stores and Restaurants at an affordable price.

We will start our business from Slide 8: Our target is not only make profit but also make a big potential market for the mushroom.

Mushroom profit calculation

We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. If you are preparing mushroom spawn by yourself only, then, to make the necessary moisture for Mushroom Spawns, keep sprinkling water every 2 to 3 days Pay special attention to cleanliness in the room. Fresh mushrooms have a high water content, around 90 percent, so drying them is an effective way to both prolonge their shelf-life and preserve their flavour and nutrients. Infected compost leads to failure in mushroom cultivation. People are not new to mushrooms and hence selling them the mushrooms is relatively easier. However to attain our vision we would need to have competitive advantage so as to compete favorably with already established mushroom farms while remaining proactive in competing against new mushroom farms that would spring up. When it is grown after 23 to 25 days we have to them by scissor. Exploring various marketing options for fresh mushrooms depending on transport infrastructure - selling directly to local customers, local traders, markets, intermediaries, regional wholesalers, local restaurants, shops or farmer cooperatives. So that women can do this cultivation easily. Furthermore, edible mushrooms are an excellent source of high quality protein reportedly between 19 percent and 35 percent , and white button mushrooms contain more protein than kidney beans. At a temperature of around 24 - 25 oC white cottony mycelium spreads and permeate through the compost. In view of this, here are the payment options available to our customers; Cash payment Payment via Point of Sale POS Machine Payment via check Payment via online transfer The above available payment options were carefully selected and in collaboration with our bank which have a trusted platform where we are sure of as few hitches as possible during transactions. So, as an part of Intel project we the students of JNV Davanagere are eager to teach mushroom cultivation for those women of Devarahalli. BUDGET To become self employed, women can work in industries like preparing incense sticks , candle making, jam making , pickle making etc.. Marketing Marketing channels: There are typically three principal marketing routes for mushroom growers: The grower can sell directly to the consumers either at the farm gate or at local markets; however, the ability to reach distant markets is limited.

Our employees should also be able to effectively communicate the brand for all our customers — existing and potential.

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