Peoples loyalty and devotion during the revolutions of 1848

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Princeton University Press. The American and French revolutions —83 and —99, respectively were both expressions of political nationalism.

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Gentlemen, you are aware that the nation has granted all its rights and privileges to Croatia, and that already at a time when it only conferred its own rights on the most favored nationalities. No event worthy of attention is recorded in the reports that have come through to me. They reformed the mother tongue, elevated it to the rank of a literary language, and delved deep into the national past. Men did not give their loyalty to the nation-state but to other, different forms of political organization: the city-state, the feudal fief and its lord, the dynastic state, the religious group, or the sect. I should not be worthy to breathe the free air of heaven — nay, the nation ought to spit me in the face — had I given money to our enemy. Paving stones, roof tiles, and flowerpots from the upper windows It can be seen that even rebellious nationalities, such as the Hungarians, felt that their interest was well served within the Monarchy due to these constitutional changes. The provisions for financial indemnities for properties confiscated by the Revolution and the First Empire of Napoleon—these indemnities to be paid to anyone, whether noble or non-noble, who had been declared "enemies of the revolution.

What are some contemporary nationalist movements? I say, no! All the descendants of Trotta stayed loyal to the emperor, serving either in the military or working for the government. We, the King of Hungary, Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia, we, whose person is sacred to you, we tell you, Croatians and Slavonians, the law too is sacred and must be considered so!

They will become accustomed to republicanism, which is public liberty in its most perfect form, among the more mature nations.

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The conspiracy was founded to get rid of the responsible ministry, which made it impossible for the Vienna cabinet to treat the Hungarian constitution any longer as a nullity. Read more about what a state is.

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July Revolution