Portrayal of women in music videos

Lyrics and images that once spoke upon the injustices and empowerment for the African American people is now filled with money, cars, jewelry, and of course women. Portrayal of Women in Music Videos 3 Pages Together with the songs' melody and lyrics, music videos are powerful tools that tattoo human minds with images that shape a person's attitude.

For instance, whether some music compositions are influenced by anger or vengeance, women are being attacked left, right and centre as the most wrong-doers.

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For a longtime, a woman has become a subject of many things both good and bad in the world. Yet such arguments are difficult to prove.

However, the lyrics and images have changed tremendously.

Womens portrayal in music

It has transformed from music and expanded into a full culture. Viewing a music video that has a woman being portrayed in an overtly sexual manner once may not have a very serious affect on a person, but seeing many different music videos all portraying women sexually, and seeing these videos over and over, does indeed shape a person's mind to view women with much less respect than they would otherwise. It was made evident in the movie that women are also used for their femininity, which is what makes them women — different from men. Rappers have thus been forced to abandon the stated goal of their humble beginning to conform to the marketable aspects of their crafts. Share This Post. How a teenager dresses, acts and talks can be heavily influenced by what they see. Why women constantly need to be exposed or half-naked is beyond me.

The younger a person is, the more these sexual images can affect them. Hip-hop music enables people to connect in a way they would never be able to with any other genre of music.

Sexist attitudes in music videos

This creates interesting viewpoints of shows as the directors of movies show a strong male lead. It is misogynistic and promotes violence especially toward women , crass materialism, and street crime. Every time a person listens to a certain song on the radio or on a CD, the images of the music video will pop into their heads. Over time, seeing women being portrayed as sex objects will shape the way people in general view women. One of the images that struck me was the Gucci advertisement. Young adults are possibly the most influential group, for music videos are much more popular at this time in a person's life. But is this why the world of entertainment in Malawi also uses the female form to tackle different societal issues? Their self-esteem is

Some songs go to the extent of demeaning women are weak characters in society, which is in sharp contrast with the gender related teachings that strive to empower a women as a subject which deserves equal treatment in society.

For women to be portrayed in this way has many consequences, for the images that we view in every day life shape the way we think.

examples of sexism in music videos

Same concept applies in the music media as well, where Ghostface raps about the specific body parts of a woman in the most degrading and disrespectful ways a man ever could! The main reason for this is because at this age, a teen is constantly searching for what kind of person they are to become.

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