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Any information or ideas you have taken from another book, article, or person must therefore be referenced too.

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In these cases, it is acceptable to include one footnote for the entire paragraph. A footnote is indicated in the text of your paper by a small arabic numeral written in superscript. Entries within a bibliography are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name and are not numbered. Book titles are followed by a period. Typically, you will have one citation per paragraph. These are not generally accepted citation formats in History papers. What must be cited? Stuart was the primary cause of defeat because he failed to stay close to the Confederate army? The source of that data must be cited, even if the data are not in the form of a quotation in your paper. In History it is recommended that students use the Essay writing guide for citing and referencing where examples of the 2 methods are described. Every paper that you submit should be based upon your own research and analysis. If the notes are on the same page as the text, they may either be numbered consecutively throughout the paper or start again with number one on each new page. But you must cite your source for any claim that appears to contradict common knowledge, like that Lincoln won the southern states in that election since he wasn't even on the ballot in most southern states, this claim is controversial and must be supported. Notes may be placed either at the bottom of each page footnotes or all together at the end of the paper endnotes. In order to evaluate your argument, your reader must be able to consult the same sources you used.

They provide a reference to the source for the material, interpretation, or direct quotation given in the text. Chicago Style — Developed by the University of Chicago. It's a good idea to ask for clarification. Translated works: Give the translator's name after the title, before the parenthesis.

There are bibliographic software packages available which help with these tasks. Format For a Bibliography The bibliography is placed at the very end of the paper.

If author B does not provide a reference saying where he or she found the quotation, indicate that absence in your own note.

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Both of these styles place bibliographic citations at the bottom of the page as footnotes, or at the end of a paper as endnotes. All such claims are debatable points of interpretation.

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