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For example, "That was easy", Staples' slogan, says nothing about office supplies. However, if the writer has extensive experience in writing sales copy in their portfolio, that suggests they will be better able to cope with the task.

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Well, the following are key components that turn a regular tagline into a great tagline: It can be easily memorized. Slogans and Taglines at a glance : Slogans should not be confused with taglines.

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Mallinckrodt Plc: Our source. You can test the catchiness of these taglines yourself by clicking through the slogans with the brand names revealed in the next picture. Your potential customers need to know what you are capable of doing for them and why they should be interested in what your company produces. Marathon Oil Corp. You need to tell the reader not about what you do, but why you do it. Symantec Corp. By simply reading a few words, a customer will know what he or she can receive by buying a product or using a service. Marathon Petroleum: Going further. Add Value. Slogans and Taglines at a glance : Slogans should not be confused with taglines. Powerful Results. If you want your own company to have a high-quality slogan that achieves all these things, you might consider hiring a professional to write it for you.

Add humor if and where you can. It makes the brand stand out.

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Good for All. International Bus. We're here to help. Studying the brands that truly know how to create a captivating slogan will give you some cool thoughts on what your own tagline should look like. Another huge advantage of commissioning an agency to create a catchy slogan for your business is acquiring access to a wide array of other marketing tools. Slogans should generally not include words that are more than four syllables. Writing company slogans consists of three main stages. It makes the brand stand out. Welltower Inc.

Delivering Value. For example, trying to use "profitability" in a slogan creates a cumbersome phrase, no matter how you word it. MetLife Inc.

Wells Fargo: Together we'll go far. You have a few options here. Consider linking a proverb or a well-known expression.

Slogan contest 2018

It makes the brand stand out. CVS Caremark Corp. What works and what is right may not always be the same. First of all, it will set you apart from your competitors. Unbeatable Price. Good for All. Hormel Foods Corp. Flowserve Corporation: Experience in motion. Oracle Corp. If possible, use a call to action. Verisign Inc. Slogan writing is a funny business. MasterCard Because change happens. AGL Resources Inc.
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