Sweatshops and child labor

Some sleep on the floor of the workshop. They also need the opportunity to achieve an education for themselves and their children. The question is though how do we reduce it?

child labour in fashion industry

At the same time, it can be seen from the follow-up video and articles from other media outlets that there's a larger problem at hand. During mealtimes, the boys squatted on sidewalks holding bowls in their hands and gulping down their food, as if the whips of their boss were at their back.

Han recounted to Beijing Time Media Group he had to fix buttons and zippers on jackets per day. Clothing Clothing is very often made in sweatshops and with the use of child labor.

Sweatshops and child labor

Britain nearly two centuries ago was twice as rich as Bangladesh is today. And that's why it has child labour. Wang Jiangsong, a professor at the Beijing-based China Institute of Industrial Relations, told the Global Times there's no room for discussion as to whether the government should act on this issue. Some of the biggest problem industries are: Shoes Many types of shoes are made in sweatshops. Why does it exist? Toys A lot of toys are made in sweatshops and by child labor. Economic growth is happening and economic growth is the only thing which will make things get better.

An allegation which seems to be entirely true as well. According to the video, they got up at am every day, started working as soon as they finish brushing their teeth and didn't stop till late in the night, doing a total of more than 15 hours of work every day.

A larger problem But most of the time, the children didn't want to go back as they feel they have no future with school anyway. There were about 20 workers in the factory, three of them were 15, the rest were between 16 to 18 years old.

Some were horrified and was worried that the workers might be punished. A villager said in the video that locals usually earn about 10, yuan a year farming corn and chili peppers, while finding work in the city brings about 40, yuan, so many envy people that find work outside.

Britain nearly two centuries ago was twice as rich as Bangladesh is today.

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The Outrage Of Child Labor In Bangladesh's Sweatshops