The characteristics and signs of the parkinsons disease a nervous system illness

What causes the loss of nerve cells?

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Your GP will ask about your symptoms and your medical history to help them decide whether it's necessary to refer you to a specialist for further tests. When clinical diagnoses performed mainly by nonexperts are checked by autopsy, average accuracy is Talk to your healthcare specialist if you think you may be experiencing these problems.

While most physicians may readily notice bradykinesia, formal assessment requires a patient to do repetitive movements with their fingers and feet. Some people with Parkinson's disease notice a decrease in sexual desire or performance.

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The stiff muscles can be painful and limit your range of motion. Environmental factors Some researchers also feel environmental factors may increase a person's risk of developing Parkinson's disease. Early-onset forms of Parkinson's are often, but not always, inherited, and some forms have been linked to specific gene mutations.

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Parkinson Disease (PD)