The depiction of death and darkness in edgar allan poes works

Even his two attempts to get married failed.

Many pieces of poes literature is influenced by the time period he lived in. Of course, for Poe and his contemporaries, the exploration of modern psychoanalysis was still almost a century away.

Fortunato is obsessed by the opportunity to get drunk. But most often the charge has been of delighting in violence towards women, citing his ghoulish descriptions as proof; the pleasure he takes in female flesh, especially if that flesh is young, enticing, vulnerable, and corrupted by death.

Who are these authors and why do they write these horrifying tales? However, the tragedy of his life led to invention of new literature genres: horror novels and detective stories. Tragic love to women, pain of loss, alcoholism, insanity, and desperate existence are a few themes that Poe experienced in his life and later revealed in his works.

Edgar Allan Poe had a morose story of his life. A well known critic T.

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So convincing are his depictions, in fact, that 40 years after his death, he was blamed by some — somewhat ludicrously — for having inspired Jack the Ripper, and by others — even more ludicrously — of actually being a killer himself. I knew myself no longer… I took from my waistcoat-pocket a pen-knife, opened it, grasped the poor beast by the throat, and deliberately cut one of its eyes from the socket!

And his work, though superbly passionate and sensual in many ways, is cold when matters of love arise.

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The beloved is always described in very general, conventional terms.

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Essay on Edgar Allan Poe