The efforts that president lincoln made during the reconstruction period after the civil war

From the war emerged the principle of a national citizenship whose members enjoyed the equal protection of the laws.

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Scalawags were white Southerners who cooperated politically with black freedmen and Northern newcomers. They fought back, attacking Grant by charging that his southern governments were deliberately redistributing wealth from hardworking white southerners to lazy ex-slaves in order to garner votes. The Civil War began as a conventional contest of army versus army but by the end had become a war of society against society, with slavery, the foundation of the southern social order, becoming a target. Key Terms tenant farmer: A person who farms land rented from a landlord. What was to be done with the Confederate leaders, who were seen as traitors by many in the North? The Radicals insisted that meant Congress decided how Reconstruction should be achieved. Other African-American men who served were already leaders in their communities, including a number of preachers. The sharecropper used his share to pay off his debt to the merchant. But conflict continued in the arena of historical interpretation and public memory. Racism was still a potent force in both South and North, and Republicans became more conservative and less egalitarian as the decade continued. However, sharecropping, along with tenant farming, became a dominant form in the cotton South from the s to the s, among both blacks and whites. Suffrage[ edit ] Monument in honor of the Grand Army of the Republic, organized after the war Congress had to consider how to restore to full status and representation within the Union those Southern states that had declared their independence from the United States and had withdrawn their representation.

Even as the Republican Party abandoned its earlier idealism, the loyalties created by the war helped it retain national dominance well into the twentieth century. Nevertheless, white Democratscalling themselves " Redeemers ", regained control of the south state by state, sometimes using fraud and violence to control state elections.

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New Amendments to the Constitution To help with the Reconstruction and to protect the rights of all people, three amendments were added to the US Constitution: 13th Amendment - Outlawed slavery 14th Amendment - Said that black people were citizens of the United States and that all people were protected equally by the law.

Key Terms scalawag: Any white Southerner who supported the federal plan of Reconstruction after the Civil War, or who joined with the black freedmen and the carpetbaggers in support of Republican Party policies.

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Not all supported the Radical Republicans. Historical accounts of Reconstruction played an important part in this retreat from the ideal of equality.

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The first state to be readmitted to the Union was Tennessee in Then he announced Congress was operating illegally because it was passing laws without southern representatives. One historian has suggested that if the North and South had exchanged presidents, the South would have won the war. It was still very unclear, however, what form this revolution would take. The bureau established schools in rural areas of the South for the purpose of educating the mostly illiterate black population. The bureau distributed 15 million rations of food to African Americans, and set up a system in which planters could borrow rations in order to feed freedmen they employed. Which two? Since slavery was abolished, the three-fifths compromise no longer applied to counting the population of blacks. Some worked for wages, others as sharecroppers, who divided the crop with the owner at the end of the year. By the s both had largely disappeared.

Johnson was acquitted by one vote, but he lost the influence to shape Reconstruction policy.

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