The gospel according to undershaft

If a man is indolent, let him be poor.

major barbara as a drama of ideas

Listen ere. Oh yes I do. Each agrees to visit the other's workplace and allow the other to attempt their conversion.

Barbara undershaft

The growth of Christian virtues rests fundamentally on man's material security. Meredith was on the panel. I broke your jawr. My prayers have been answered. I want to convert people, not to be always begging for the Army in a way I'd die sooner than beg for myself. What will they give him for the five thousand? He points out that donations can always be used for good whatever their provenance, and he quotes a Salvation Army officer, "they would take money from the devil himself and be only too glad to get it out of his hands and into God's. Todger was. We're so sorry, Mr Walker.

Friedrich Alfred Krupp died by suicide in following publication of claims he was a homosexual. Money is the most important thing in the world.

you cannot have power for good without having power for evil too

Have you been shown over the shelter, Mr Undershaft? All you need offer is the other ten. What have we three to do with the common mob of slaves and idolaters?

art of characterization in major barbara
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