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But readers inMexico and elsewhere, for that matter, have no reason to recognize the literary remains of aminor American writer, perhaps Fuentes must disclose more of the gringos' peculiarities to them. And that of the heart? Fuentes is at pains to represent oppression in sexual exploitation and sterility, from the camp-follower seduced by the Revolution who becomes any man's object, to Arroyo's resigned common-law wife once married to a money-lender who despised her femaleness and punished her for it. A feminist reading ismore problematic. Both have worked for the Mirandas, but Harriet ismindlessly loyal to their property rights, Arroyo their implacable, constitutional oppponent. Giardinelli also presents antiheroes, such as Andr? Hearst and the owners of other large haciendas had obtained thousands of acres of land through their connections with the Mexican government, at the expense of the campesinos who had been working the same land for generations. This son of misfortune and silence can tell his story to? He writes about desperate individuals who sense the opportunity for a better world, and to represent such people easily might be less than honest. Did you know we are all the object of another's imagination? An elderly American writer and former journalist for the Hearst media empire, who can be shown to be but is not named until page as Ambrose Bierce, decides to leave his old life behind and seek a glorious death in the midst of the Mexican revolution, taking with him only slight provisions and copies of two of his own works, as well as a copy of Don Quixote. For Harriet Winslow, whom the reader sees first as the very type of principled, genteel lady past her youth, committed to moral instruction of the less fortunate in such matters as private property, Fuentes has borrowed the name of Robert Lowell's maiden aunt and mother-substitute. Many of the characters in Vidas ejemplares, Giardinelli's collection of fourteen short stories, are perfect Hemingwayan creatures. Few readers will roll their eyes and shut the book.

The campesinos know nothing of the personal agort that brings on their calamity; their final view is the one from which we depart. The General lives in a railroad car with his wife, the Old Gringo and the American woman.

In one single regard is Arroyo's wish certainly granted. To Arroyo, Americans?

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Sexual awakening by a potent Indian allows Harriet Winslow to see herself not in mirrors but in others' eyes. Hypocrite[s] lecteurfs].

Why fight? Shelves: mexicomexican-authorsspanish The author, Fuenteswas a prolific writer of about two dozen novels and half that many collections of short stories. Like many other characters in the novel, including Harriet Winslow and Tomas Arroyo, who have lost their fathers, the Old Gringo has also lost his family.

Fuentes their needs not to stoop in the fields, not to be smothered by strutting aristocrats. A feminist reading ismore problematic. A few years after the book was published, it was adapted into a motion picture starring Jane Fonda, Jimmy Smits, and Gregory Peck as the old gringo.

At the end a romantic but not an isolate, Bierce did not break acrimoniously with Hearst nor sense in any lose his daughter a point Fuentes nicely leaves ambiguous. Winslow has left Washington after her older "beau," an army official named Delaney, has become involved in an army financial scandal.

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