Time capsule project

Now, you and your kids can try to forget about it for the next 10 years! In doing your project planning for the Time Capsule, consider people first.

Artwork can be rolled, labeled, tied and packed into the box. The students get so excited to see what they wrote and are astonished by their answers. If the time capsule is a community project, lodge details at the local library, council archives or local historical society. Which part of making your time capsule did you enjoy the most?

People can make or break a time capsule project. I hope you will make a time capsule with your kids and share the joy of making it now and opening it many years from now. While it is up to you to deal with your people side, we feel it is also part of our mission to help you think about the other things.

time capsule box

Take a picture of your house, your car, your pets. Just be sure it's archival plastic or an archival box to protect the items from dust and light and pollution and humidity found in normal indoor conditions.

Do you need to worry about preservation of the items inside of the time capsule?

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Creating a time capsule