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BILL MOYERS: But civil disobedience was done in the open, by people willing to take the consequences, not secretly, from behind the shield of executive privilege, by trusted officials, sworn to uphold the law. They also left us examples of character. An undeniable evidence, a recorded conversation of President Nixon on tape, revealed that he had obstructed justice and attempted to Watergate 2 cover up the break-in. However, the countries avoided disaster by negotiating an agreement that ended the conflict. See Article History Watergate scandal, interlocking political scandals of the administration of U. What the Constitution forbids, the President can permit. From the beginning of his presidency Nixon sought to undermine anyone who he considered an enemy. This should be expected of a transitional political figure. Lincoln did not do — expand the Constitution secretly.

And while his slow withdrawal from Vietnam appeared to be a practical application of the Nixon Doctrine, his secretly recorded White House tapes reveal that he expected South Vietnam to collapse after he brought American troops home and prolonged the war to postpone that collapse until after his reelection in Oh, you can call them old-fashioned, but the day.

In my own search for the answers, I went back to Mt.

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The scandal involved burglary, wiretapping, campaign financing violations, and the use of government agencies to harm political opponents. Famously he did a high-profile television interview with the British broadcaster David Frost in The Executive Office Building, next to the White House, once housed the Department of War, and these few blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue were the breeding ground for some of the worst scandals in our history.

The identity of this person to this day is unknown.

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Oh, you can call them old-fashioned, but the day. This is John Dean. My generation would have to learn from experience that along with all the courage and high-mindedness have gone the damndest greed and chicanery the mind can imagine. Later, in less certain and optimistic times, we would begin to see how unawares we had been, and the missing pages for the civics books would be filled in with accounts of gang rule, graft and political incompetents. This was a President who could philosophically oppose wage and price controls and privately express the conviction that they would not work, while still implementing them for election-year effect. Now, you look as recently as Eisenhower. There is little evidence of Nixon approving of, or even having any prior knowledge of the break-in, which had been authorized by CRP senior staffers John Mitchell, Jeb Stuart Magruder, and Robert Mardian. Strout, of the Christian Science Monitor, is the only reporter to have covered the Senate Hearings on Teapot Dome, and fifty years later, in the same room, Watergate. The city was safe in those days, and the possibility of being arrested for loitering never occurred to me. Get Essay A secret slush fund laundered from Mexico was used to pay those who conducted these operations.

The city was safe in those days, and the possibility of being arrested for loitering never occurred to me. It included various activities to help President Richard Nixon win re- election in Scholars who classify him as liberal, moderate, or conservative find ample evidence for each label and conclusive evidence for none of them.

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What advice do you have for these young people? He got a very famous little black satchel that had a hundred thousand dollars in it. The books and legends told a romantic tale of selfless people in the service of God and nation.

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It was hard to discriminate, and John Dean proposed that the machinery of government be used to screw them all. I just came from the Watergate; take a look at that, so, you know, in that sense, I might very well look at it different. For a fanatic it meant a gun in the crowd to settle his personal score with the world. But there was no good alternative, they decided, to a President with a largely unwritten mandate. Find out more about how to license this content at WNET. Nixon's most celebrated achievements as President—nuclear arms control agreements with the Soviet Union and the diplomatic opening to China—set the stage for the arms reduction pacts and careful diplomacy that brought about the end of the Cold War. In response to this, the United States inflicted a naval blockade on Cuba and prepared for the high possibility of a dangerous nuclear war. Over there, on the steps of the Eastern Portico, every President since the time of Monroe has received his oath of office, and twenty years ago, fresh out of Texas, I thought all of them had to be giants, that somehow the office made them bigger than life. Watergate was based on a conspired break-in into the democratic headquarters in the Watergate building. Friends of President Warren Harding who wanted a favor from the White House, and were willing to pay for it, came here; they could get liquor by the bottle, or by the case, even during Prohibition.

Ultimately, the White House tapes must shape any assessment of Nixon's impact and legacy.

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The Watergate Scandal Essay