Write a workplace violence prevention policy example

This information should not be used indiscriminately. This policy includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors and situations: Violent or threatening physical contact including fights, pushing, and physical intimidation.

workplace violence policy pdf

Group protection involves blocking potential aggressors or keeping them apart from the employees. There should be procedures for the normal performance of higher risk jobs, as well as procedures for everyday work where a violent situation may occur.

If the hazard cannot be eliminated, is should be controlled in a way that does not act as a hazard, or the severity of the effects are limited if violence does occur.

The important factor is that policy should be backed up by the hazard identification and risk analysis that was performed by the employer in consultation with the health and safety committee.

XYZ understands the sensitivity of the information requested and has developed confidentiality procedures, which recognizes and respects the privacy of the employee s. Once controls used to eliminate or minimize workplace violence have been implemented, the employer shall establish procedures for appropriate follow-up, maintenance and corrective measures, including measures to promptly respond to unforeseen risks of workplace violence.

Any violent behavior or behavior that creates a climate of violence, hostility, or intimidation will not be tolerated, regardless of origin.

zero tolerance workplace violence policy

The identification process should begin by carefully examining the hazards that are known. For violence in the workplace, there are two types of protection: group and individual.

workplace violence policy pdf

The procedure will vary depending on the workplace. All employees have the right to expect a place of employment that is free from behavior that can be considered harassing, abusive, disorderly, or disruptive. XYZ will initiate an appropriate response. Organizations may already have information on factors that can contribute to violence in the workplace.

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Sample Workplace Violence Policy