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No other data needs to be copied to create a snapshot. Similarly, if the client snap restores the database in the qtree via a snaprestore operation , it must snap restore all qtrees in the volume. The storage operating system comprises a series of software layers organized to form an integrated network protocol stack or, more generally, a multi-protocol engine that provides data paths for clients to access information stored on the storage system using block and file access protocols. Storage operating system , portions of which are typically resident in memory and executed by the processing elements, functionally organizes the system by, inter alia, invoking storage operations executed by the storage system. The summary map denotes a file including an inclusive logical OR bitmap of all snapmaps. At that point, all of the changes to the file system are visible on permanent storage, using the new root inode. The multiple snapshots of a storage element are not independent copies, each consuming disk space; therefore, creation of a snapshot on the file system is instantaneous, since no entity data needs to be copied. Broadly stated, the buffer tree has an inode at the root top-level of the file. However as the array becomes more full, the window for free space management will shrink and could negatively impact performance. Yet qtrees share all of the disks of the logical volume and, thus, have access to all free space within the volume. The information stored in the metadata section of each inode describes the file and, as such, includes the type e. In addition, it will be understood to those skilled in the art that the inventive technique described herein may apply to any type of special-purpose e. Hard partitioning denotes apportioning free storage space among the logical volumes; often the available free storage space is not in the intended volume and, as a result, it is difficult and costly to move the free space i.

Yet, this solution is inflexible with respect to changing the storage space per file system among the volumes once the disks are hard partitioned. An entry in the block map contains a bit indicating whether the block is in use in the current version of the file system and several bits, one per snapshot, indicating whether the block is in use in the snapshot.

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Ironically, however, in certain workloads and environments, some of these benefits will be negated by the fact that as a WAFL array gets filled up, users will need to allocate more headroom to maintain consistent performance. After optimizations data going to be sequentially written on disks as part of Consistency Point CP transaction. More particularly, a PCPI is a point-in-time representation of a storage element, such as an active file system, file or database, stored on a storage device e. The summary map denotes a file including an inclusive logical OR bitmap of all snapmaps. Snapshots are created by performing the same operations that are performed in a consistency point, but, instead of updating the root inode corresponding to the current state of the file system, saving a copy of the root inode. Specifically, the extended file system layout facilitates efficient read performance on read paths of files contained in a vvol by utilizing pvbns as block pointers within buffer trees of the files. The virtualization modules allow the file system to further logically organize information as a hierarchical structure of blocks on the disks that are exported as named logical unit numbers luns.

A known type of file system is a write-anywhere file system that does not overwrite data on disks. Within each direct block of the inode file are embedded inodes, each of which may reference indirect blocks that, in turn, reference data blocks of a file.

Files in a qtree are tagged as belonging to that qtree and, as such, the files cannot be moved between qtrees. It is expressly contemplated that the various processes, architectures and procedures described herein can be implemented in hardware, firmware or software.

It is also desirable to provide a write-anywhere file layout system that merges a rich feature set of logical volumes with the space virtualization of qtrees.

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The data storage system of claim 1 wherein the storage operating system is further configured to execute a file system. The aggregate has its own physical volume block number pvbn space and maintains metadata, such as block allocation structures, within that pvbn space.

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Each storage system could consist of one controller or be configured as an HA pair with two controllers. Nonetheless, users should be aware of the inverse relationship between capacity and performance for any storage array, not just WAFL-based arrays. Notably, the block allocation structures of a vvol are sized to the vvol, and not to the underlying aggregate, to thereby allow operations that manage data served by the storage system e. It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that other processing and memory means, including various computer readable media, may be used for storing and executing program instructions pertaining to the inventive technique described herein. Before 7G, the wafl scan reallocate command would need to be invoked from an advanced privilege level and could not be scheduled. Ordinary HA storage systems have only one plex for each aggregate while SyncMirror local or MetroCluster configurations can have two plexes for each aggregate. CP at first creating system snapshot on an aggregate where data are going to be written, then optimized and prepared data from RAM written sequentially as a single transaction to the aggregate, if it fails, the whole transaction fails in case of a sudden reboot which allows WAFL file system always to be consistent. Importantly, it also confirms that WAFL, like other LSF systems suffers performance degradation as the array's storage utilization increases.

The data storage system of claim 2 wherein the data object is selected from a group consisting of a lun, a directory, a qtree, and a file.

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Write anywhere file layout example