Writing fractions

Improper Fractions - An improper fraction is one where the numerator is greater than the denominator. Go here for more on equivalent fractions. Equivalent Fractions Sometimes fractions may look different and have different numbers, but they are equivalent or have the same value.

3/8 in words

One of the simplest examples of equivalent fractions is the number 1. Often, these digits are already hyphenated — for instance, 45 written in words is forty-five — and additional hyphenation could lead to confusion. To express the fraction in words, write the numerator, add a hyphen and then spell out the denominator.

Also note that you can write a four denominate in different ways: as fourths or as quarters. Fractions are written with the numerator over the denominator and a line in between them.

writing fractions in words worksheets

Alternatively, a fraction may be described by reading it out as the numerator "over" the denominator, with the denominator expressed as a cardinal number.

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